Fright Nights is an annual event, with 4 Haunted Houses, pop-up scare zones, a midway and vendors. The event attracts over 35,000 visitors during its 4 week run.

My Roles

I wear many hats at Fright Nights, my duties change throughout the year leading up the actual event.  These include:  Web Designer, Marketing & Social Media Support, Television Commercial Support,  Escape Room Designer, Haunt Support, and Head of Makeup and Wardrobe.

I keep the MASTER schedule, making sure all tasks & elements come together before the construction begins in August.    I also track & manage projects that support the event:  the T.V. commercial shoot, trade shows, marketing campaigns, etc.


in 2015 gave site a complete content overhaul, improved SEO, added Google analytics and improved usability. Improved website traffic quality:  between 2015 & 2016 the bounce rate improved (dropped) dramatically from 65% to 1.28% for over 100k users.  Created landing pages/events to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  Identified referral sites, and subsequently created banners and copy/content for these sites, driving traffic and improving SEO.

Create new website, created copy & content, implemented a backend white label scheduling and payment system by Ticketsocket.

To see additional website design & banners click here


Identified Escape Rooms as an additional revenue source created budget and proposal for project. Once green-lit,  I created the game design for two unique Escape rooms.  I also oversaw and/or created  the set dressing and puzzle creation for each room. I created and edited “intro” video for each room and I managed the staff & guests during the event as well.


I  worked with a photographer  and to create content for web, print and marketing collateral. Wrote copy for press releases and marketing materials.  Worked closely with Live Nation Marketing  & the South Florida Fair on digital, print, radio and email campaigns.  I worked on posting for social media and created SnapChat Geo filters for the event. CLICK HERE to see additional banners & marketing materials in my “Packaging & Web” section.


I worked with the Director to make sure cast was scheduled, and made sure all assets were acquired for wardrobe, props, VFX, and set dressing.  I also managed makeup & wardrobe during shoot.

2016 Commercials

I worked with haunt designers on their character design (which included creating or purchasing wardrobe, prosthetics and makeup), maze/ haunt visualization, and also hired, trained and oversaw makeup staff. I cut videos from old footage to be shown in lines, to keep guests occupied.

Makeup & Wardobe Reel 2015

Makeup & Wardobe Reel 2016