{PROJECT} The Print Shop 2009 – 2010

{ROLE} Creative Director: Head of Creative Services

{CATEGORY} Packaging

{COMPANY} Encore, Inc.


With a 25 year history, The Print Shop is one of Brøderbund’s oldest and most recognizable brands. The Print Shop is a desktop publishing software package developed in the early 1980s by Brøderbund. Over the years the software has been updated to accommodate changing file formats and printer technologies for both PC and Mac.


As head of Creative Services I oversaw the packaging and marketing collateral for all the Print and Productivity products, including The Print Shop Suite of products from 2009 – 2010. This included Standard, Deluxe, Professional and one-offs. The packaging for this project included a FOB flap with several tabbed pages inside full of project ideas. For both years the overall box was flat with a spot gloss on the key art, headline text and art embellishments.

Updated packaging during my tenure: The Print Shop 2009-2010

TPS 2009-2010

The packaging as it looked *before* I joined Creative Services: The Print Shop 2008

TPS 2008


In 2010, the product, simply put, got a code “refresh” (moving away from outdated source code). To reflect this change, the Marketing team wanted to do something completely different from previous years. They also rebranded the Product Version number to “2.0” (as opposed to 23 or 25 – the products actual anniversary). My team and I pitched ideas, and we hired several outside shops to pitch as well. In the end, we did a focus test and chose one of the designs by an external studio, bringing it back in-house to tweak the final design.

TPS concepts


We created a product website to help people navigate the new product features.
TPS Support Website.

TPS Support Website


Banners and the Brochure Design (right) for The Print Shop 2.0 for CES, Consumer Electronics Show.

TPS Marketing collateral