{PROJECT} Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz

{ROLE} Head of Production


{COMPANY} Encore – Publisher


Mavis Beacon is a popular typing program and brand wholly owned by Brøderbund, one of Encore’s business units. Since 1987, Mavis Beacon has taught millions of people to type. Today, her name MEANS touch-typing.


When our Sponge Bob Square Pants Typing license ended and was not renewed, we scrambled to find a new brand to fill that channel. After a failed pitch to Fox for The Simpsons, I suggested we create our own original content and leverage one of our existing brands – Mavis Beacon. So I pitched Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz to the marketing team. My concept was simple: take Mavis, make her a cool “tween” and render her in 2D to appeal to that age group.

One of the challenges was creating a new voice over without breaking the bank. For that I looked to audio designer Mark Greenfield. He had developed the voices of the kids on South Park – re pitching them to make them sound like children – and not chipmunks. Mark did an amazing job converting some 5,000 strings of “Adult Mavis” voice over, helping to create our new “Young Mavis” persona.



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