{PROJECT} Hoyle Miami Solitaire

{ROLE} Game Designer, Artist

{CATEGORY} Games / Illustration

{COMPANY} Encore – Publisher


HOYLE® is one of the premier brands of The United States Playing Card Company. The company was founded in 1867, and today the brand can be found in homes (as playing cards and games) and Casinos worldwide.


In my early days at Encore, I designed and illustrated all of the assets for HOYLE Miami Solitaire: UI, background images, story screens, playing card backs, etc. I pitched Art Deco as the overall concept with 10 elaborate backgrounds to play the decks against. I chose locations and activities popular in Miami during the roaring 20s.


Play a single game, or compete in a solitaire tournament, unlocking different solitaire games as you go. Use your tournament winnings to build a mansion in the upscale and swanky Key Biscayne.

  • 55 Different Solitaire Variations
  • 4 exclusive new bonus games
  • 100+ Levels
  • Unlock 16 Official Hoyle card-backs
  • Two game play modes: Quick Play and Story Mode
  • Build and decorate your own mansion