{PROJECT} Bicycle Suite

{ROLE} Head of Production

{CATEGORY} Games: X-box, PC and Mac:

{COMPANY} Encore – Publisher


Bicycle® is one of the premier brands of The United States Playing Card Company. A 125 year old company, their brands can be found in homes (as playing cards and games) and Casinos worldwide. Bicycle® Playing Cards are the most widely used playing cards in the world.


The Bicycle® brand was new to Encore when I became Head of Production. One of the key objectives was not to compete with our HOYLE® brand. Our goal was to make it more of a “Friendly” brand, targeting families and kids. One of the driving initiatives of USPC at that time was “Family Game Night” so that was considered in our strategy development.


A full suite of games for X-box, PC and Mac:

  • Bicycle Family Fun Games
  • Bicycle Totally Cool Card Games
  • Bicycle Gin Rummy
  • Bicycle Rummy
  • Bicycle Crazy 8s
  • Bicycle Old Maid / Go Fish
  • Bicycle Solitaire
  • Bicycle Skat
  • Bicycle Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Bicycle Blackjack


Games for Adults

Games for Kids