As Creative Director at Encore, I oversaw hundreds of software package designs, multiple e-commerce websites (Encore, HOYLE, Brøderbund, Punch, etc.) email blasts and marketing collateral (in-store displays, end caps, signage, etc.)

I managed an in-house team of 10 graphic designers as well as agency relationships. I collaborated with Brand Marketing and Production to ensure visual consistency across our packaging & marketing collateral. This required managing multiple projects simultaneously, meeting timetables, quality goals, budget and legal requirements. I formulated designs and illustrated concepts and ideas, as well as creating key art when necessary.

In 2010, my team won the American Package Design Award for the HOYLE 2010 suite of products. (www.gdusa.com/issue_2010). Read more about the HOYLE Packaging here: CASE STUDY

hoyle boxes


Below are some packaging highlights selected from hundreds of products that I was responsible for:


Advantage Elementary 2009 Advantage High School 2009 Advantage Math 2009 Advantage Middle School 2009 Advantage Elementary 2010 Advantage High School 2010 Advantage Math 2010 Advantage Middle School 2010

Print & Productivity

Read more about the Print Shop Packaging here:CASE STUDY
The Print Shop Deluxe 2009 The Print Shop ProPub 2009 The Print Shop Labels and Logos 2009 The Print Shop Business Cards 2009 The Print Shop Deluxe 2010 The Print Shop ProPub 2010 The Print Shop Standard 2010 Click Art

Family Tree Maker Family Tree Maker Standard Family Tree Maker Pro Calendar Creator Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum House Beautiful HBLawyer


Hoyle Cards 2009 Hoyle Casino 2009 Hoyle-Puzzle-Board-Games-2009_PCMAC Hoyle Cards 2010 Hoyle Casino 2010 Hoyle Puzzle 2010 Hoyle slots 2010 Scrabble Journey

Jeopardy Password Wheel of Fortune Mortimer Beckett Time Paradox Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Splinter Cell Double Agent Still Life 2 dracula3

Prince of Persia Torchlight Seek and Find Alien Disco Safari Diner Dash Snack Pack Diner Town Tycoon cakemania Wedding Dash


Panda Internet Security 2010 Panda Internet Security Global Protection 2010 Panda Internet Security Pro 2010 Digital Vault Digital Shredder Premium Registry Rescue Registry repair Syncables 360 Premium

Encore Web Design

Web Design Encore

Encore Banner Design

Examples of Web banners for Encore’s Sites, Retail & E-Commerce Partners (BestBuy.com, Target, Apple.com, etc.) as well as Affiliate sites like Commission Junction.

Product Banners


Fright Nights & Escape Room Web Design

Fright Nights & Escape Fright Nights


Fright Nights & Escape Room Banner Design

Examples of Web banner design for haunted house directory sites: Florida Haunted Houses, Hauntworld, etc.


Fright Nights & Escape Room Social Media Design

Created & implemented Snapchat Geofilters, Social Media Content: FB, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

The SnapChat Geofilters has over 20k uses and 200,000 views in a 3 week period


 Fright Nights Assets:  SFX Makeup by Glennis McClellan, Photography by Kelly Goodman.